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The Subcontractors Association of the Metroplex provides commercial trade subcontractors with the assistance needed to achieve their business goals through information exchange, market awareness, educational opportunities and fellowship!

SAM seeks to provide informative and factual business practice information such as industry payment practices, change order procedures, and job-site experiences. We do this through a monthly business program that also serves to alert members to changes in rules, regulations, and laws affecting daily business operations. We hold seminars with in-depth information on subjects requested by members, and provide up-to-date reports of court filings, bankruptcies, and job or tax liens as part of our monthly meetings.

SAM is your best resource for beneficial industry information, connecting with other local businesses, and industry fellowship.


Lien Information – SAM collects information on Liens Filed in Dallas, Tarrant, and Collin Counties.  We review this information at every monthly meeting, and we track the trends for the Number of Liens Filed and the Total Value of the Liens.  This information is available to our members on our website in a searchable spreadsheet.

Business Practices Interchange (BPI) – Every meeting includes time for BPI.  During this time, attendees may anonymously submit the names of General Contractors to learn more about them from the meeting attendees. 

Educational Meeting Presentations – Our Meeting Presentations are centered around issues our subcontractors face in their businesses.  Best Practices for Accounting in Construction, Department of Labor Regulations, and OSHA Safety Compliance are just a few of the broad and relevant topics that SAM meetings highlight for all subcontractor business owners.  

Seminars – Our General Counsel, Sewall “Spike” Cutler, conducts a seminar every April to share the new language General Contractors are including in their contracts.  Spike conducts another seminar every November to review the process to file a lien in Texas.  It is more difficult to file a lien in Texas than it is in California!  

Training Classes – SAM offers CPR/First Aid classes each year for our members, as well as other training classes that are necessary for subcontractors. 


Texas Construction Association (TCA) – Membership in the TCA is included with your membership in SAM.  The Texas Construction Association is our lobbying group in Austin, Texas.  The TCA works on behalf of SAM and several other trade associations to improve legislation related to construction and, more specifically, subcontractors. By providing the information needed to send effective communications to your representative, the TCA makes it easy to contact your legislators.  Lawmakers need to hear from subcontractors to understand our issues, and membership in the TCA helps us connect with them more seamlessly. 

Learn more about the Texas Construction Association here


SAM Events – Our Annual TopGolf Event has proven to be a fun environment for our members to kick back and relax.  During this event, we host a Silent Auction with items donated by our members.  Our Annual Clay Shoot also provides an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with other subcontractors.  

National Subcontractors Alliance (NSA)– SAM’s national affiliation is with the NSA. The NSA hosts an annual Spring Conference and Executive Director Meeting.  During these events, SAM’s Executive Committee and Executive Director connect with individuals from all over the country to learn about current issues facing subcontractors and best practices for running a successful association. These important connections and the information NSA provides is invaluable to SAM leadership in building and maintaining the best association for our members.

Learn more about the National Subcontractors Alliance here.  

SAM Seminars
Check our calendar for upcoming seminars!

SAM’s General Counsel, Spike Cutler, presents two half-day seminars each year.  In April, Spike will review the newest Contract Language to be aware of so that your company does not agree to terms which are not in its best interest.  In November, Spike will review the Texas Lien Laws.  In Texas, we have one of the most complicated lien processes in the country with which to abide to protect our right to payment on construction projects.  

Monthly Meetings
Members also enjoy monthly meeting presentations on topics such as these:
  • Total Quality Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Cyber Security
  • Delay Damages & Impact Recovery
  • Critical Dates in the Business Lives of Subcontractors
  • Active Shooter Procedures
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Drug Prevention in the Workplace
  • Texas Prompt Pay Laws
  • Job-site Crime Prevention
  • Hiring and Firing under Texas Labor Laws
  • Texas Sales Tax
  • Construction Unemployment Claims Mediation v. Court

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